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No shortcuts, just simply good foods

Our recipe for what we put into our simply good foods started by deciding on what to leave out. There may be easier ways to cook, but those shortcuts veer far from where our love for baking first began. You’d never find bleached flours, trans fats, or preservatives in that South Carolina kitchen, and you’ll never find them in ours.

When a few simple ingredients come together in just the right way, a tradition is born. That’s how the Charleston bakery that inspired our brand thrived for more than a century.

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A warm welcome is our delicious mission

Our fabulous flaky scones and biscuits have earned their reputation for homemade goodness. Sharing that food is our mission. We believe each bite carries a bit of the tradition that inspired it and will warm you and yours with that joy as well.

Together we rise

When the little things come together in just the right way, they can make a big difference. That's the recipe we follow to transform a few simple ingredients into the scones and biscuits that can draw everyone to your own oven's door. Celebrate any occasion with a taste of the food and fellowship we all hunger for. Because together, we rise.