Brothers Gerard Baking Co. is a clean-label bakery brand serving southern-style biscuits and scones.

  • Clean Ingredients

    Made with simple ingredients & no artificial preservatives, ever.

  • Classic Recipes

    Time-tested recipes create the taste that hits home.

  • Magic in Minutes

    From freezer to crowd-pleaser in just twenty minutes.

Our Mission

Brothers Gerard Baking Co. was founded by Brys Stephens who was born and raised in a family of Southern food lovers, and whose upbringing ignited a passion to share that love. He lived, worked, and cooked in France and Italy for two years, cooked at a James Beard award-winning restaurant, served as a partner in three successful restaurants, has written prolifically about food, and edited and developed recipes for several cookbooks including his own. 

He’s now on a crusade to toss the tired legacy bread brands, with over-processed products and questionable ingredients, and help everyone bake it up a notch with a clean-label bakery brand that delivers all the joys of baking without any prep, mess, or stress. Discovering that the historic home he and his family were living in had once been a bakery operated by two German brothers for over a century, he knew he was truly creating the baker’s biscuit, and Brothers Gerard Baking Co. is rising to the occasion.